8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Winter is approaching, which means it’s time to get ready. Apply a few simple furnace maintenance methods to save money and assure a warm, cozy season.

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How To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter In A Few Easy Steps

The anguish of a broken furnace in the middle of winter is familiar to most households. The best approach to avoid this is to deal with prospective issues in advance. Consider these eight suggestions for properly preparing for winter.

8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

1. Before you need it, turn on your furnace

Many homeowners wait until the temperature becomes too cold before putting on their heat. While we appreciate the desire to save money on your monthly payment, it is a good idea to switch on your furnace a month or two ahead of time. You’ll be able to check whether anything needs to be repaired before you need the heat.

8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

2. Examine The Pipes, Wires And Gas Lines Visually

Examine the furnace for a few minutes. Look for dents, rust, and leaks, among other things. Contact an HVAC technician if you discover any external issues.

3. Clean The Inside Of Your System Gently

To avoid overheating within the system, you should clean your furnace’s blower, motor, and exterior units at the beginning of the winter season. (This applies to anyone who doesn’t have a warranty or maintenance agreement.)

4. Lubricate The Motor

Using a few droplets of oil, lubricate the motor. If you use too much oil, the oil will overheat. (If applicable)

5. Clean The Drainage Tube In The Furnace

The furnace’s surplus moisture is drained through the drainage tube. It might cause overheating if it becomes filthy or clogged. By removing the tube and filling it with white vinegar, you can clean it.

Flame Sensor

You should clean your furnace’s flame sensor at the beginning and end of each winter. Remove it from the unit and wipe it down with a soft cloth. (This applies to anyone who doesn’t have a warranty or maintenance agreement.)


The thermostat is frequently the source of furnace troubles. Make that your thermostat is connected to the furnace and sending the proper signals, regardless of the type. If required, replace the batteries.

8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

8. Make An Appointment For A Yearly HVAC Inspection

A professional examination guarantees that every component of your furnace is in good working order. This helps to avoid breakdowns during the chilly winter months.

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All-Year-Long HVAC Advice

Remember that appropriate maintenance isn’t limited to once a year. No matter what season it is, make sure you follow these guidelines.

1. Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions For Cleaning Or Replacing Your Air Filter

Your furnace will not work efficiently if the air filter is dusty or blocked. It also raises your energy bill and lowers the quality of your indoor air. Replace your air filter every two months, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Maintain A Wide Range Of Vision, Hearing And Smell

Keep an eye on your HVAC system. When little issues go unaddressed, they quickly escalate into major issues.

3. Ensure That Your Vents Are Clean

To avoid dust accumulation, clean your vents at least once a year.

4. If You Have Any Concerns, Contact A Skilled HVAC Expert

It’s usually advisable to consult a specialist if the source of an issue isn’t clear. In the long term, this saves you money and extends the life of your furnace.

8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Winter Furnace Maintenance FAQ’s 

How do I service my furnace for the winter?

  1. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature.
  2. Replace the air filters as needed.
  3. Cover the AC condenser.
  4. The heat exchanger should be cleaned.
  5. Clean and lubricate the blower motor.
  6. Check the igniter switch.
  7. Examine the chimney as well as the carbon monoxide detectors.
  8. Replace your oil furnace’s filter and nozzle, and check the tank level if you have one.

What maintenance should be done on furnace?

Our furnace maintenance checklist includes the following specific tasks: Examining the vent system and air intake grilles for any obstructions. Examining the heat exchanger for evidence of corrosion or deterioration. Cleaning and inspecting the blower, as well as eliminating any debris.

Can you clean your furnace in the winter?

A autumn cleaning can give you piece of mind that your furnace is ready for the work ahead in the winter months. We can check to see if any damage has occurred within the furnace during the long winter months, and if repairs are required, you won’t have to make them right away.

How much does it cost for a furnace tune up?

A furnace tune-up might cost anywhere from $115 to $200, depending on the services included in the package. The average price is $140. Depending on a variety of conditions, a furnace tune-up should be performed once a year to once every five years.

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8 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

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