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Need HVAC Services?

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Garage Heater Installation & Repair

Don’t Let The Cold Stop Your Next Project

Get more out of your garage than just parking your cars. Easily turn your garage into a workshop or even a hang out area by making it comfortable all year long. Garage heaters are not just for garages, these unit heaters are perfect for all kinds of workshops and outbuildings.

These powerful workshop heaters are available with 30,000 BTUS to as much as 125,000 depending on your needs. But all of that power does not mean added clutter. Garage heaters take up minimal space, but pack a serious punch in a compact frame. At Earth Temp HVAC we can assist you on choosing the right garage heater unit,  we can recommend various heater units that offer low-profile designs, affording you more room to store your tools and work on your next project.

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Garage Heaters

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