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AC Air Filter Replacement

Changing Your AC Filter For Clean Air

Air filters are critical when it comes to your HVAC system. When talking about temperatures inside your home, you require either heating or cooling systems to keep you comfortable. And you rely on your installed systems for your comfort needs every day.  However general wear and tear of your units are normal. Thus, the need for tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs will appear occasionally.

Our professionals at Earth Temp HVAC in Niles come with many years of experience in servicing both heating and cooling systems. In addition to providing our expert services in Niles and our service areas, we work with a single goal in mind, to get your system fully functional.

What are the DIY remedies to make your home cleaner and safer?

As part of your DIY protocol for having clean air circulating through out your home, you can adopt the following measures:

✔️ Consider applying rubbing alcohol on the vents in your home.
✔️ If you notice mold on the vents, a possible solution is to apply hydrogen peroxide and water which can effectively help to eliminate the molds.
✔️ If you have an air conditioning unit, changing the filters frequently is important.

By enhancing the air quality of your home, you and your family will have lesser respiratory problems and can stay healthy all year long.

What AC and other services do we offer?

We at Earth Temp HVAC are committed to offering our customers with energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. You can contact us for detecting any problems with your HVAC system along with air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

Without having fresh outdoor air circulating inside your home, you cannot improve the air quality inside your house. Surely, outdoor air seeps in through natural ventilation such as windows and doors.

However, if you have a home air conditioner or HVAC system, the filters of the unit are responsible for keeping the air clean, crisp, and refreshing within your home. They act as air shields for your HVAC system by preventing you from being exposed to pollutants, molds, and spores that outdoor air possibly brings along.

Now, as part of your AC maintenance inspection, our technicians are trained to check whether the filters are working properly. However, in some cases, they may suggest replacing the AC filters. Replacing your AC filters can help in saving on your energy bill on the other hand neglecting to service your unit can turn out to be expensive.

When to contact us for AC air filter services?

When you notice your HVAC system making strange noises or not working efficiently or maintenance charges driving up your costs every month, consider calling our technicians at Earth Temp HVAC. After a detailed inspection of your system, we’ll advise you whether your best option is to repair or replace any parts. After inspection if we find your AC filter needs replacing, we will guide you accordingly we are with you every step of the way.

Whether it may be providing preventative air conditioner maintenance or repairing smaller issues before your unit requires replacement, we are here, ready to help. Give us a call today or simply fill out our online form to request service!

AC Air Filter Replacement

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