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Gas Furnace Installation in Niles & Northwest Suburbs

Professional Gas Furnace Installation Service

Illinois winters can be beautiful, but waking up to a cold home when it’s minus 5 outside is not something you want to face.  At Earth Temp HVAC, our heating technicians are trained on all types of electric furnaces. Each and every furnace repair we do is guaranteed for your peace of mind. When you call us, you can count on fast response time to get your home or business warm again. Let our decades of experience work for you in efficiently troubleshooting and fixing the problem. Whatever the problem is and whatever our recommendations might be, we will inspect the issue and inform you of your options before we begin work.

Gas or Electric Furnace?

Generally, the cost of an electric furnace is lower than the cost of a gas furnace. While your initial investment will be lower at time of purchase, the cost to operate the furnace will be longer for an electrical furnace in the long run.

For those who choose a gas furnace oppose to an electric furnace, cost could certainly be a reason. A gas system is less expensive to operate, and that’s because natural gas is cheaper than electricity. During the past couple years, electricity has increased in cost, while natural gas charges have actually decreased, which make the gas units more appealing to homeowners.

On the other hand an electric furnace is usually more quiet and durable than their gas counterparts. However the lifespan of an electrical unit usually ranges from 20-30 years, and installation is generally quicker than gas as well. Those that choose electric often do so because it’s a minimum disruption to the household environment.

If your looking for rapid results, gas is your choice. Generally, gas furnaces can heat up your home faster than electric, and they tend to be more efficient in really cold temperatures because gas systems will achieve a higher temperature than electric units in extreme temperatures.

For those against gas, one reason is because the lifespan is around 10-20 years, and the installation could be a complicated process. Again, these units need to be closely monitored due to the emission of carbon monoxide, which often scares people off and moves them towards electric furnaces.

When you consider the cost saving benefits, gas furnaces are a much better option for homeowners. Electric furnaces are typically much better in dry climates with hot or mixed temperatures.

Further more maintaining an electrical unit is generally not tedious and doesn’t require much effort. Many times, if homeowners have issues, they can troubleshoot without calling a HVAC technician. Of course, if unsure, checking with a HVAC professional is always the recommended option.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of an gas furnace vs. electric furnace.

Gas Furnace

✔️ Provides powerful heat
✔️ Natural gas is often the less expensive utility
✔️ Pairs nicely with both an air conditioner and a heat pump to provide year-round heating and cooling

✔️ Uses natural gas lines, if you don’t have them, it can be costly to have them installed
✔️ Must have a carbon monoxide detector installed and running in your home
✔️ You’ll normally have to purchase an additional indoor coil

Electric Furnace

✔️ Doesn’t have to use natural gas
✔️ In some areas it can be a great fit to cool or heat your home all year round

✔️ Creates original heat, does not transfer heat
✔️ Can increase your electric bill
✔️ May have to work harder to reach heating demand in some areas, particularly if you are pairing an air handler with an air conditioner

Whatever you decide to do, it’s all a matter of preference. Do you want to keep costs down? If efficiency is your number one concern? No matter what, you need to know all of the pros and cons with each option to make an educated decision.

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Gas Furnace Installation

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