10 Tips This Summer, Save Money On Air Conditioning

There’s nothing quite like a fully functional air conditioning unit on a humid summer day. These handy units are now such an integral part of our summers that it’s difficult to recall how we survived without them. However, one aspect that isn’t quite as appealing is how costly they can be to maintain. If you’ve ever had an air conditioner for the entire summer, you know how quickly your energy bill will spike.

Regardless of how frustrating this cost is, there’s nothing you can do about it, right? That isn’t entirely right, as it turns out. Although it is difficult to completely eliminate air conditioning costs, there are a number of ways to cut the cooling costs this summer. It just takes a little patience and imagination to make them a reality.

It’s time to worry about how to cool your house on a budget if you’re serious about lowering your energy bill this summer. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to try this season.

How To Cut the Costs Of Air Conditioning

When it comes to discussing how to use an air conditioner efficiently, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a single adjustment that can immediately lower your bills. Instead, saving money on your air conditioning bill needs a series of minor adjustments. Although each small change can not seem significant, they add up to make a significant difference for your family, your home, your air conditioner, and your wallet.

With this in mind, consider implementing these energy and money-saving air conditioning tips.

1. Make Use Of Fans

This may seem obvious, but it is an underappreciated trick that can provide an alternative or supplementary means of keeping your home cool without relying on your air conditioner as much as you would otherwise. If the day is only warm enough to be unpleasant but not hot enough to switch on the air conditioner, turning on many fans is a perfect way to cool down your home.

A fan will cool you down by 6 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit on average. You may use a fan or fans on top of the air conditioner if it is already switched on. By using a fan to supplement your air conditioner, you can reduce the temperature by around 4 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining the same level of comfort.

However, one word of advice about fans: they should always be switched off if no one is in the room to enjoy them. It’s really easy to waste energy by leaving fans running in empty rooms in the building.

2. Use Temperature Settings More Efficiently

As appealing as it might be to spend the whole summer in an icebox, the cooling and energy costs would skyrocket. As a result, one of the simplest ways to save money on your energy bills is to simply lift your thermostat by a few degrees. In fact, we suggest that you set your thermostat as high as possible while still remaining comfortable.

It’s difficult to recommend a single best temperature for your air conditioner to save money because everyone’s comfort level is different. Some people can be comfortable with their air conditioning set to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, while others need a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit to be comfortable. Experiment with different temperatures and settings to see where you fall on the scale. See which temperatures make you hot and bothered, and which keep you warm but not uncomfortable.

Many people accept that 78 degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable AC temperature. Setting your AC to this amount, if it works for you, will undoubtedly save you money. However, keep in mind that everyone’s tastes are different, so choose whatever temperature suits you best. The general rule to remember is that the closer your fixed temperature is to the outside temperature, the lower your cooling costs would be. Although each person’s version of this move would vary slightly, this one change will save you up to 10% on your energy bill.

3. Have Your Home Insulated

You might be paying for cool air that isn’t even beneficial to you if your home isn’t well-insulated. If you are not careful, your house can be full of small cracks and gaps that will cause your valuable cold air to escape. This means that your air conditioner needs to use much more energy to keep your home cool than is required.

To avoid this, caulk carefully around your windows and seal up all those little holes and spaces. Season stripping and insulation may also be applied to your doorways. Make sure your home is fully airtight to ensure that you get all of the air you paid for.

4. Make Sure The Cooling Systems Are In Good Working Order

It is not enough to have an air conditioner and a programmable thermostat while trying to save money. You’ll want to keep every aspect of your cooling system well-maintained to keep your systems working at peak performance. If you fail to maintain your equipment, you can see an increase in your cooling costs as a result of this negligence.

Regularly replacing the air filters is an example of system maintenance. It entails thoroughly inspecting all floor and ceiling registers for dust, dirt, and other clogging materials. Check that the parts of your device that are outside, such as the condenser coils, so it is not obstructed by twigs, rocks, or dirt. If any of these pieces of equipment are blocked or hindered in any way, your system can have to work harder to keep your home cool, resulting in higher energy bills. Simply keep all of these parts clean and well-maintained to avoid this issue. Check your air filter once a month for the best performance, and replace it if necessary.

5. Get A New Air Conditioner If Yours Is Old

Despite your best efforts, an air conditioner can reach the end of its useful life. It could have failed as a result of a malfunction, or it could simply be worn down from years of dependable service. Regardless of the circumstances, certain air conditioners clearly need to be replaced.

Although you might be reluctant to replace your air conditioner due to the cost, keep in mind that this new device will most likely pay for itself in a short period of time because it will be much more powerful than your old one.

6. Avoid Allowing The Heat To Build Up

If the temperature outside is higher than the temperature inside during the day, one of the easiest ways to save money on cooling costs is to stop allowing the heat to build up inside your house. This will seem to be an impossible challenge, but this is not the case. You do have some influence over the temperature inside your house, and we suggest using it to save money.

Certain everyday activities can go unnoticed, but they may add to the heat that builds up in your home during the day. Cooking on the stove, running the dishwasher, showering, and drying clothes all raise the temperature inside your home because they all use appliances that produce a lot of heat when they are switched on.

Stop these exercises during the early part of the day to help keep your temperatures down, and save them for the evening instead. Alternatively, if you would perform these things during the day, avoid doing them all at once or on the same day. Consider using your dryer one day and your dishwasher the next. Try hand-washing the dishes, grilling outdoors, or hanging your clothes to dry.

7. Location Of Your Thermostat Is Important

Did you know that the wall on which your thermostat is mounted matters? Although this may seem to be a minor point, it can have a major effect on how hard your thermostat works.

Since it is picking up heat readings from the window, if you position your thermostat on an outside wall, particularly one right next to a window, the thermostat will perceive the room to be hotter than it actually is. You really don’t want to place your thermostat in a space you don’t use much because it might be cooler or warmer than the rest of your home.

Mount your thermostat on an interior wall in a main space, such as a living room, for the best performance. This will ensure that your thermostat gets the most accurate readings possible and does not over-cool your home by working harder than required.

8. Make The Necessary Adjustments To Your Thermostat

Don’t be afraid to fiddle with your thermostat’s settings. It doesn’t mean you can’t set it to 75 degrees the next day if you set it to 78 degrees one day. Keep an eye on the weather outside and the temperature inside your home, and adjust your thermostat as required.

For example, you may be fine with your house being slightly warmer during the day when there are less people around to cause discomfort. After all, it’s pointless to waste money to keep a house cool when it’s not occupied. On the other hand, maybe you have trouble sleeping in a house that is too hot. In that case, you would want to set the temperature lower at night by a few degrees.

9. Plant A Tree Or Two

This is a longer-term solution, but it will pay off in the long run if you are serious about lowering your energy bills. Since the sun shines through the windows or directly onto the house for the majority of the heat that accumulates in your home, it makes sense that one of the most effective ways to reduce this heat accumulation is to block the sun from shining directly onto your house in the first place.


We suggest planting trees around your property to provide shade and minimize the amount of direct sunlight that can shine on your home to accomplish this. If you buy young trees, it will take many years for this investment to pay off, but once the trees are mature, it will be well worth it.

10. Hire A Professional Once A Year

AC Heating Repair Niles IL

It’s possible that something goes wrong with your air conditioner without you realizing it. Perhaps the inner workings are clogged or broken, causing your device to work harder and use more energy in order to keep your home comfortable. You could be losing money in this manner without even realizing it.

It is a safe idea to get your air conditioner serviced at least once a year to avoid a situation like this from occurring. Make an appointment with a specialist to inspect your device. It’s likely that nothing is wrong, but it’s always best to have somebody spot a problem as soon as possible.

Call Earth Temp HVAC, Inc. today to get your air conditioner serviced if you’re searching for ways to conserve electricity by using an air conditioner. By ensuring that your air conditioner is working as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we hope to make your life simpler and save you money. We’d be happy to come out and inspect your unit, whether it’s broken or you just want an annual checkup.

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10 Tips This Summer, Save Money On Air Conditioning

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