Why Do You Need An HVAC System That Is Properly Engineered?


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Commercial HVAC systems appear to get all of the attention, with experts investing months to perfecting their designs. Many households do not have this luxury, and their systems are often sized according to square footage. While these guidelines are simple to follow, the long-term consequences of improperly sized equipment can be costly and stressful.

Why Do You Need An HVAC System That Is Properly Engineered?

Ineffective Cooling

Air conditioners are sometimes regarded less important in Northern areas or the Midwest. While heating is more important in the winter, cooling systems are essential in the summer for temperature and humidity control. An air conditioner that is too small will struggle to chill your home and will operate longer, consuming more energy. It will take a long time to reduce the warmth and humidity, leaving you at a disadvantage.

Some air conditioners, like furnaces, may be enormous, especially in hotter locations where air cooling is required for harsh summer temperatures. The issue is that, for single stage cooling systems, oversizing your air conditioner can result in increased wear as the compressor cycles on and off. It might also cause your home to become overly dry and uncomfortable by lowering humidity too much or not enough. In addition, a unit that is larger than it needs to be has a higher beginning cost and uses more energy.

Why Do You Need An HVAC System That Is Properly Engineered?

Ineffective Heating

It may seem self-evident that if your furnace is small, you will not have enough heat. Winter after winter, you’ll shiver while you wait for the temperature to rise. However, this isn’t the only indicator. Some areas of your home may get warm, while others remain cold. One common reason is that the airflow isn’t adjusted appropriately. Another issue is a furnace that isn’t big enough to heat the whole house.

Most of the time, though, the issue is that your unit is too large. Unfortunately, a larger fan comes at a higher initial cost and may consume more energy. If you have a single-stage furnace, you may notice that it cycles on and off more often. The temperature in your home will fluctuate, and your furnace will wear out faster. Modulating furnaces are not prone to this issue, but they will operate at a lower efficiency and consume more fuel than if appropriately sized.

There’s no denying that selecting the correct equipment for your home necessitates some thought. Give us a call if your HVAC system isn’t working properly. We’ll examine the design and assist you solve the problem.

Why Do You Need An HVAC System That Is Properly Engineered?


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