10 Important Signs To Maintenance Your AC System Now

When summer approaches, the rising temperatures cause you to turn on your air conditioner once more. In the United States, about 75% of homes have central air conditioning, while
in Canada, 50% of homes have central air conditioning, so there are plenty of options for staying cool this summer. But what if something goes wrong with your system? Keep an eye
out for these ten signs that your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

10 Important Signs To Maintenance Your AC System Now


  • Warm Air Is Blown By The Unit

Place your hand over one of the supply registers if the air conditioner seems to be working continuously without cooling your house. The air is probably warm, indicating that the
device is barely cooling your house, if at all. On hot summer days, the A/C will be unable to keep up, and your energy bills will grow as your comfort levels decrease.

  • Weak Airflow is Delivered Through Vents

The air may be cool, but it’s barely making it out of the supply register. Because of the poor ventilation, much of the air you’re paying to cool never reaches your living space.
It’s possible that leaky ducts are to blame, or that the filter actually needs to be replaced. A tune-up identifies and can correct the problem.

  • The System Operates in Inconsistent

When your ac system short cycles, it ensures it only switches on for a few seconds before shutting down. As a result of this process, the air conditioner is unable to remove excess
humidity, resulting in a stuffy, muggy house. Short cycling often wears out device components more quickly.

  • You’re Seeing Significant Temperature Differences

One room can be excessively hot, while another is excessively cold. Other factors, such as excessive sun exposure, insufficient insulation, and leaking windows, may all contribute
to this, but the A/C may also be to blame. A tune-up could be everything you need to get your home back in order.

  • Where Moisture Shouldn’t Collect

It’s possible that the indoor A/C portion is leaking, suggesting a clogged or damaged drain tube. While this isn’t a serious maintenance concern, you should fix it as soon as possible
to avoid something more serious, such as mold formation or electrical damage.

10 Important Signs To Maintenance Your AC System Now

  • Strange Sounds Have Been Heard

You get used to the sound of your air conditioner over time. If you hear grating, grinding, squealing, or any other noises this year, get a tune-up as soon as possible to avoid a
potentially serious problem.

  • You’re able to smell strange odors

Mold growth elsewhere in the system is indicated by musty odors. The wire insulation could have burned out if there is a burning or pungent odor. To get rid of these odors and repair
the underlying problem, you’ll need a tune-up.

  • Your Utility Bills Are On The Rise

When comparing this month’s electric bill to the same month last year, you’ll notice a significant difference. Something could be wearing out if the current bill is considerably higher.
A tune-up will help you save money on your energy bills over the summer.

  • Your house  Has Lots Of Dust Floating

Dust would be blown into your home by filthy, neglected HVAC equipment. A fast cleanup brings the equipment back to near-new condition and eliminates the need to dust every other day.

  • Last Year You Missed Equipment Maintenance

To encourage productive running, lower your energy bills, and catch problems early, get your air conditioner tuned up every spring (and your furnace tuned up every fall). Don’t let
another year pass you by without scheduling maintenance to avoid a costly repairs. Now that you know what to look for, it will be clear that your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

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10 Important Signs To Maintenance Your AC System Now



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