11 Urgent AC Sounds To Be Aware Of

Have you recently noticed a strange noise coming from your air conditioner? Residential and commercial air conditioners often experience similar issues, resulting in similar noises. Follow this guide to identify and fix odd AC noises, whether you’re a worried homeowner or a company owner baffled by them.

1. Startup Ticking and Clicking Noise:

If you hear clicking and ticking when the compressor starts up, it’s possible that loose hardware has gotten inside. Examine the area to see if any loose springs or bolts can be safely removed.

2. Starting Up and Squealing:

Some industrial and residential air conditioner compressors squeal as they first switch on. You know this air conditioner noise isn’t a big deal if it’s just there for a few seconds and then goes away. If, on the other hand, the device has never squealed before but has recently acquired the habit, it may need to be repaired.

3. Trumpeting sound at shutdown:

If internal refrigerant valves are leaking, the compressor motor can make this AC sound when shutting down. Trumpeting at shutdown isn’t a problem as long as you don’t hear a hissing sound.

4. Hissing:

This sound suggests a significant refrigerant leak that requires urgent attention. The sound won’t last long because it means the refrigerant is being released into the atmosphere (something the EPA prohibits). To get your air conditioner working again, you’ll need a refrigerant line replacement and recharge from a specialist.

5. Bubbling:

A slow refrigerant leak causes gas bubbles to form in the refrigeration copper lines, causing this noise. If you hear this echo, contact a heating and air conditioning professional right away to have a leak detected and repaired.

11 Urgent AC Sounds to Be Aware Of

6. Animal noises from the ductwork:

Animals have been known to sneak inside and get trapped in the ductwork. Birds chirp and flutter, mice scrape and gnaw, and insects fly about. Once the animals have been removed with professional assistance, it’s critical to identify and block entry points from outside your home or building to prevent the issue from recurring.

7. Rumbling or whining:

This is an indication that an internal component of the fan motor has broken. To get rid of this AC noise, you’ll need to fix or replace it.

8. Banging or clanking:

This noise may imply a loose internal mount, connecting rod, piston pin, or other internal component. You have no choice but to replace the compressor on most current residential and commercial air conditioners because it is a sealed unit.

9. Outdoor Unit Buzzing:

When the outdoor fan motor buzzes, it could mean that the wiring or arcing connections are loose. Check for any signs of burning on these links. You may have a severe electrical problem that needs immediate treatment if you encounter signs of fire.

10. Clanking or Rattling:

If your residential or commercial AC compressor is rattling or clanking, it’s possible that the motor mounts have failed. The motor is thrashing about on the inside, despite its usual appearance on the outside. The only way to remedy it is to replace the compressor.


A high pressure sensor can stop the air conditioner from running if the internal pressure rises too high, but if you hear screaming coming from the unit, the sensor may be broken. Switch the machine off immediately and seek a technicians assistance.


Preventative maintenance is one important way to minimize the frequency of these air conditioner noises. A tune-up is the most effective way to diagnose issues early on, before they intensify and start making odd noises. Please contact Earth Temp HVAC today for assistance in quieting down your noisy residential or commercial air conditioner or to schedule preventative maintenance.

11 Urgent AC Sounds To Be Aware Of

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