How Often Should I Service My AC Unit?

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This is a common question that many homeowners find that they are asking themselves. This is especially true with regard to first-time home buyers. The good news is that the answer is indeed quite simple. Servicing an air conditioning unit or overall HVAC system depends on a number of factors. For example, newer modern and more efficient systems typically require less servicing. Conversely, units that are older or that have been heavily used over the years will clearly require frequent servicing and inspections.

Either way, it is absolutely essential for homeowners to maintain their AC unit in top condition at all times. If for no other reason but to make sure that the system will work during the hottest times of summer or the coldest times of winter. In short, a failed air conditioning system during periods of extreme weather can be dangerous not only to people but also to pets. Keeping your system in top condition is always the smartest strategy.



Taking Action When a System is not Performing as Expected

Deciding on how often you should service your AC unit also depends upon the HVAC servicing company that you choose. Some companies will recommend once every two years that a system be serviced while a professional company will recommend annual inspections so that any problems are detected in the earliest stages. Again, because each home and each AC system is unique and different it is important to consult with your air conditioning and heating technician to determine the best strategy going forward.

Another important consideration with regard to servicing an AC unit is that of taking action when a system is not performing as expected. For example, if an air conditioning unit runs excessively without stopping or does not produce adequate cool air, this is a clear sign that an immediate service call is advisable. Conscientious homeowners that are looking to save money understand the importance of keeping an HVAC system operating efficiently at all times


How often should I service my ac unit?

Choosing the Right HVAC Servicing Company in your Local Area

Finally, even though a system seems to be operating perfectly it is always advisable to have routine inspections as a precautionary measure. A trained and experienced technician with years of skilled hands-on AC-work will know if a system is not operating correctly. The real bonus here is that sometimes a simple inexpensive and small internal component can be replaced ultimately saving homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement related costs. Choosing the right HVAC servicing company in your local area is an important part of the equation.

Quality customer service and a tentative customer care along with highly experienced technicians will guarantee that your air conditioning system is always in good hands. Trusted technicians from a reliable and dependable AC servicing company are also available in many cases for emergency services. When a system breaks down at the most unexpected time, one quick call to an
emergency line is all it takes to have your AC system back up and running in no time. Contact your local AC servicing company today for more information.


Now that you know, How Often Should I Service My AC Unit?

How Often Should I Service My AC Unit?

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