Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier For Covid19

Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier For Covid19?

How It Works

Typically, whole home air purifiers and HVAC filters are designed to filter contaminants and pollutants outof the air. Air purifiers such as iWave have a complex built-in technology that helps breakdown bacteria, viruses, and allergens into harmless compounds. Independent lab tests have shown that the proprietary Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI) technology in iWave’s series of air purifiers can reduce Covid19 not only in the air but also on hard non-porous services.

The ionization technology will also leave your home and office smelling fresher. iWave ionization devices rely on positive and negative ionic nodes to purify the air flowing through them.
These self-cleaning, maintenance-free whole home air purifiers can be installed in any home or office with an existing duct-based air conditioning system. This is a huge benefit since the air purifier can be installed alongside your HVAC system to keep the air circulating throughout your home clean. Air purifiers with this ionic technology aren’t just a potential tool to fight against Covid19. They can also be deployed to mitigate other indoor air pollutants such as:

· Smoke
· Bacteria and viruses
· Allergens
· Mold

As the Covid19 pandemic continues to surge, there is increasing new evidence that aerosolized microdroplets could play a role in spreading Covid19 in enclosed spaces. Home and business owners around the world are therefore racing to find the right tools that can best help fight against Covid19, especially now when people are spending more time indoors.

While there is no single silver bullet to stopping the spread of coronavirus, there is growing evidence that proper ventilation could be used alongside prevailing CDC health protocols such as wearing masks and practicing social distance to help mitigate and reduce the risk of airborne transmission of Covid19 indoors. Experts believe that one way to make indoor spaces safer is by using high-efficiency air purifiers that help improve ventilation and neutralize small particles.


Covid19, Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier



Air Purifier Benefits

iWave’s technology provides a highly effective, budget-friendly air purification method that helps: Lessen the contamination in hospitals and health clinics
· Lower carbon dioxide levels
· Eliminate allergens, such as dust and pet odors
· Eliminate radon gas
· Eliminate asthma attack triggers
· Reduce aerosolized Covid-19 microdroplets

Covid19, Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier

Looking For A Reliable Air Cleaner For Home?

While this is not a surefire way for eliminating Covid19 particles in your home, having an iWave whole home air purifier installed can be an effective protection plan to keeping your family safe. Independent lab tests have shown that iWave air purifiers with bipolar ionization technology can reduce airborne Covid19 particles by 99.4%.

It is, however, important to note that this device can only be effective when used alongside other health and safety guidelines provided by CDC to fight the pandemic.
With the surging coronavirus cases, it makes perfect sense to incorporate this air purifier into your existing HVAC system to provide an additional layer of protection. If you’re ready to fight viruses and other pathogens with an iWave air purification system, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about installing an air purifier in your home that improves overall air quality and protects you against common bacteria and viruses.


Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier For Covid19

Covid19, Why Is It Good Timing Now To Install A Home Air Purifier

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